Celebrity Workouts

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We watch them show off their beautiful figures and fine physiques on the red carpet each year, and maintain their fit and healthy bodies season after season. What does the average celebrity know about fitness and workouts to keep themselves in such great shape? For most men and women who want to get in shape, the prospect of a personal trainer or in-house nutritionist just isn't realistic; celebrity fitness trainers and health food chefs may be in high demand in Hollywood, but few people around the rest of the country have the chance to live such a privileged lifestyle.

Fortunately, many celebrities share their tips and secrets for getting -- and staying in shape -- and even offer some insights of their usual fitness routine. Here are some of the most popular trends and routines that help the world's famous stars maintain their fabulous figures:

Celebrity Fitness Tip #1: Stick with the high-protein meal

Jennifer Aniston and other celebs have raved about the Zone Diet and other high-protein, low-carb diet plans for years. You might be able to ward off the pounds and stay in tip-top shape with a similar diet plan; focus on cutting out excess carbs from food made with white flour and white sugar and replace these meals with whole grains and high-protein foods instead.

Celebrity Fitness Tip #2: Try the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle

Celebrities including Alicia Silverstone and Anne Hathaway have committed themselves to a meat-free lifestyle, eliminating all meat and animal products from their daily menu. Vegan and vegetarian menus are typically low in calories and fat and may just help you lose a few extra pounds.