Cool New Workout Classes

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If you're a certain age, you remember doing endless leg lifts in your best Jane Fonda costume to terrible 80s pop music. Fast forward a bit, and it's sweaty spinning classes that attract the masses. Whatever the year, there has always been one hot workout trend that everyone is offering and everyone is doing -- whether they really like it or not.

Now all that has changed. The hot trend for today is...whatever you want it to be. At long last, fitness clubs have started to recognize that we're all different, and the classes offered are as diverse as the colors of our sports bras. From sexy strip aerobics to tough boxing workouts, here are the hottest new classes being offered. Look for them in your town.

Boxing Workout

Your gym probably has an old punching bag in a dusty corner that you've always ignored. Now, thanks to movies like Million Dollar Baby, women are realizing that a boxing-style workout is the secret to a body like Hilary Swank's. Cross training with jump ropes and punching bags also helps increase your speed, strength and agility. You'll be a knockout in no time.