Fitting in a Quick Workout

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For many of us, finding time to incorporate fitness into our daily schedules can be challenging. There are those who have made a daily trip to the gym an integral part of their lives, one that is planned for and considered an investment in the sanctity of their physical and mental health. These people rarely miss a workout, truly enjoy the experience and appreciate the rewards that come as a result of their efforts. But what of you and me, those of us who for whatever reason, just cannot make the gym commitment their daily mission? Well, with just a little innovation, we can create time for fitness that really doesn't require a major sacrifice at all.

Fitness experts recommend we devote 30 to 45 minutes a day to exercise on at least five days of the week. This sounds overwhelming to those who think they just aren't able to work a 30-minute block of time into their busy work day, but a few changes to your daily routine can set you up for increased levels of fitness and feelings of well being.

First, investing in an inexpensive pedometer will give you an idea of how many steps you take each day. Wearing one of these devices also puts you into a mindset that encourages more movement, more often. Now, if the 30 minutes a day you cannot set aside for exercise were to be broken up into three 10-minute sets, wouldn't your wish for fitness be more easily accomplished?