Mind Your Manners at the Gym

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by Matt Wysong

Nobody wants to be a dumb bell when working out at their local gym. That is why remembering some basic fitness etiquette and following some simple rules is so important.

Rule #1: Leave no trace evidence behind.

Criminal investigators will always look for tiny bits of evidence at a crime scene to help catch their crook. Trace evidence includes things like hair, nails, blood, and sweat. At the gym, you should only leave enough behind that only someone working in the FBI could find. This means that you should always wipe your machine down after every set and use a spray if one is available. This seems like such an obvious rule, but you would be surprised how often it is broken. It is utterly gross, so keep this one in mind at all times.

Rule #2: Don't be a machine hog.

We have many types of workouts that influence people to sit and rest at one machine or bounce around to five at the same time. No matter which workout you do, always be aware of people waiting or wanting to use a machine. If you machine-bounce, than be open to sharing.