Revealed! WORST Leg Exercises

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by Kevin O'Connell

If what you are after are aesthetically shaped and toned legs and calves, there are exercises and routines to favor and to avoid.

The primary exercises for the quadriceps and the glutes -- thigh and butt muscles -- are squats, leg presses and extensions. The primary movements for the leg biceps are leg curls and stiff-legged extensions. There are also machines that stress the abductor and adductor muscles. The primary movements for calves are raises and presses.

Squats are the best and worst exercises for toning and developing legs. Due to the extent of the hip rotation, squats heavily stimulate the hip flexors and the glutes. Training the movement with heavy weight and low reps results in increased thickness in this area. Do your squats toward the end of your leg routine, keep the rep range between 10 and 12, and perfect the range of motion. Descend with the glutes in a straight line between your heels, your chest out over your belt line and in line with the middle of your thighs. Your knees must remain in line with your toes. Descend so that the line from your knees through to the hips is parallel to the ground.