Eating Healthy, American Style

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American restaurants are notorious for providing their patrons with unhealthy food. This statement is true, as we are viewed to be the fattest nation in the world, but it doesn't apply to eating "American."

Yes, fast food joints are associated with America, and with good reason, but those are shoddy establishments created with no style in mind, just availability. American-style restaurants, such as Applebee's and Ruby Tuesday, have much healthier choices than McDonald's and should not be feared by dieters; however, they still have unhealthy choices, so you'll need to be careful.

Side dishes at American-style restaurants are numerous and vary greatly. From French fries to coleslaw, the least noticeable part of your meal is one of the most important. Let's say you order a burger and see that it comes with a choice of a side dish. The easy choice would be fries, but if you want to eat healthier, ask for vegetables or coleslaw instead. This will cut out the fattiest part of your meal without requiring much thought at all.

Appetizers are rather tantalizing, particularly if you are out with friends and family and have been waiting for half an hour to be seated. While any dieter should refrain from ordering an appetizer to avoid adding excess calories to their intake, there are some options that aren't so bad.