Healthy Lunch Strategies

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by Rita Chaney

For many of us who work and want to watch our weight and eat healthy, lunch can be the most difficult meal of the day. We're "stuck" away from home with very little time to make decisions about where to go for lunch and what to eat that won't totally blow our nutritional program. So, how can we avoid all the fattening foods offered at the local drive-thrus, yet still enjoy the time-saving, cost-cutting, conveniences?

Actually, popular restaurants with drive-thrus offer at least one or two healthy lunch choices. So, with the littlest bit of pre-planning, and utilizing a drive-through, you can still eat healthy. The first thing to do is think about healthy "sides" you can grab and take with you in the mornings. I'm not talking about packing a lunch.

What I'm referring to is keeping a weekly stock of fresh fruits and vegetables that were purchased specifically with your lunches in mind. Select pre-washed and pre-packed vegetables for your convenience. Also, buy some fresh, portable fruits to stash in your purse, briefcase, or the car so that when lunch time comes, you've already got your healthy "side dishes."