Can You Be Fat and Fit?

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In today's world of monitoring everything from your body mass index to measuring your waistline, many people don't realize that you can be fit and fat at the same time.

It is extremely possible to be fit, yet considered overweight by many of today's standards. A large part of this has to do with whether or not you are considered overweight due to muscle gain or have just a few extra pounds to lose.

Medical studies have shown individuals that are slightly overweight, yet not sedentary have a 45 percent decreased risk of premature death, whereas normal weight and underweight persons had a 55 percent chance of perishing before they reach old age. This is an astonishing number, however, it supports the fit and fat philosophy. Individuals making progress and strides toward better fitness, being lean and building muscle are much better off than anyone at any weight doing nothing at all.

Looking at BMI charts can be devastating to those just on the cusp between "fat" and "fit". Over half of the individuals in this designation are not overweight, nor are they unfit. When you exercise, you build muscle. The muscle you accumulate weighs more than fat, however, takes time to break down and shrink fat cells.