Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms: Do You Have Them?

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Experiencing some mild to moderate discomfort once in a while after eating is not uncommon. But feeling bloated, achy or numb after each meal isn't normal. At the root of the problem could be gluten sensitivity symptoms.

You don't have to live with the discomfort associated with gluten sensitivity. Even if you have been tested for allergies with negative results, you still could have gluten sensitivity. Individuals with celiac disease may suffer intestinal damage when consuming gluten, but others who do not have celiac disease could have gluten sensitivity as well. In fact, symptoms of gluten sensitivity can be similar to those for celiac disease.

The most common way people deal with gluten sensitivity is to make dietary changes, namely to eliminate gluten from the diet. Those who remove gluten from their diet often report feeling more energetic, feeling better overall and may have an easier time losing weight. Although it may have been difficult to find gluten-free foods in the past, most grocery stores have a full section or aisle of gluten-free products, and there are even some bakeries and restaurants that either carry the items or specialize in gluten-free foods.