Nutrition Bars

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Nutrition bars are a wonderful way to incorporate healthy nutrients into your diet. Many nutrition bars are literally packed with more vitamins and nutrients than a multi-vitamin contains. They are easy to eat, taste great and come in chocolate, peanut butter, and even strawberry. Nutrition bars are also lower in calories than eating a meal.

Sad to say, but nutrition bars are not cost effective.

For health-conscious people who are always on the go, buying and consuming a nutrition bar is a tasty and time efficient way to acquire your nutritional needs. But buying a nutrition bar each day to eat can cost a lot of money when it's all said and done. Purchase a nutrition bar a day, and by the end of the month, you'll have doled out a whopping $30 at the very least. Most nutrition bars will set you back one dollar, while others can cost even more.

Why not just take a multivitamin?

Unlike multivitamins that take time, nutrition bars offer instant gratification. They're digested faster and provide the body healthful benefits. Plus the added chocolate and sugar in the bars give you more energy than you get from popping a pill. Many times when you take a vitamin, it's not absorbed into your body. In fact, the vitamin comes out when you go to the bathroom.

It's great to eat nutrition bars while dieting.