Are You Too Clingy?

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The clingy girlfriend is a staple of romantic comedies in which guys do their best to get away from a woman who could go Fatal Attraction on him at any moment. Most women feel possessive, jealous, insecure or angry at some point in a relationship, but how do you know when you've crossed the line to full-on clingy? First of all, your level of clinginess is subjective. While one guy feels he's being smothered, another guy might feel you're not showing enough affection. The true gauge of why you feel clingy is how you view your relationship. When trust is an issue, some women become insecure and have a tendency to get clingy in order to control the situation - that's totally normal. But when those feelings start happening, it's time to relinquish control and take a step back to examine what's really going on. Is he spending less time with you because he's working more? Spending more time with the guys? Randomly disappearing or standing you up? From there, if you feel that your relationship is on solid ground, then start taking a few steps back to give him some breathing room. Guys aren't built to talk out every single issue or minute detail, so when he gets home from work, for example, don't grill him about his day.