Recover from Breakup Battiness

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Most people have had moments after a breakup when revenge, sadness or sheer rage drive them to do things they'd never do when cooler heads prevail. We're talking about stunts like those in Fatal Attraction when Glenn Close's character seriously messed with Michael Douglas' character's life...and ultimately, his bunny. No one in their right mind would boil a pet bunny, but many women have made a scene with an ex, either in public or private, after a messy split. If you want to keep your friendly relationship with your ex intact - not to mention your reputation of not being crazy - there are ways to recover from a full-blown tantrum. First, a sincere apology goes a long way. If you blew up in public after seeing your ex and his new girlfriend out having a good time, then apologize to them both. Keep the apology related to the incident only - think "I'm sorry for yelling at you in the bar," instead of, "I'm sorry I'm such an idiot." Go easy on yourself - you're obviously mortified, and you don't want to feel that way again. After all, it probably wasn't as bad as you thought.