What's Kama Sutra?

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In many conversations about sex, you might hear the term "Kama Sutra." But do you really know what it is and what it means? Some people consider it just a "dirty book" full of sexual positions, and while it definitely can teach you a thing or two about mixing it up in the bedroom, the Kama Sutra is much more. Historians believe the ancient Indian Hindu text was written in Sanskrit sometime around 400 BC. The most widely known translation is that of Sir Richard Francis Burton, who had it printed in 1883. There is another complete text by Alain Danielou, published in 1994, and a "digest" of the positions was published in 1980. This text is assumed to be the complete Kama Sutra, but it is not. For ancient Hindus, sexual pleasure was not remotely taboo - in fact, it was considered one of the four main goals of life.