How to Spot a Player

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You finally met the guy of your dream: he's handsome, smooth, assertive and very likeable. He always says the right things and has all the qualities you are looking for in a man. But you may have noticed him behaving differently lately.

If you think something is wrong, you may be right. Your guy may be a player. A player is a guy who is only interested in you for one thing: sex. Then, when something better comes along (such as a prettier woman), he's done with you. Here are some ways to identify a player.

  • If he sees you for the first time and is interested in you, he'll immediately get too close and invade your personal space. Or if he sees you catching his eye from afar, he'll just stare at you for a while instead of glancing at you and then looking away, like most single men do when they catch the eye of a pretty lady. If his behavior seems a little strange or pushy, then he's most likely trying to play you.