Easy Kids Craft Ideas: A Refreshing Alternative to Extravagant Parties

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As shows such as MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" showcase the growing trend of over-the-top and extravagant parties for children and teens, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember the days of simple gatherings where Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Musical Chairs were considered prime entertainment.

Kids and parents alike seem to be expecting more and more when it comes to celebrations these days, but sometimes the simple and classic approach dazzles guests just as much as expensive favors and amusement. Planning a children's party should be a fun collaboration that focuses on celebrating between friends rather than showing off to neighbors with fancy venues and excessive decorations.

While brainstorming kids birthday party ideas, for example, there are many factors to consider regarding the number of guests, themes, refreshments and favors, so keeping things simple is essential for the busy parent-not to mention less of a strain on the wallet.

When considering uncomplicated and inexpensive party favors, it is easy to get tempted by cheap and useless trinkets that hold no sentimental value and will most likely get thrown out the moment festivities end. Filling goodie bags with candy or junk food can also be risky since some parents may disapprove of these treats.

Easy kids craft ideas for children to take home are an excellent alternative to traditional favors, and they also double as an entertaining activity for the party. Do-it-yourself crafting often becomes messy and chaotic with gatherings hosting young children and large numbers, but there are ways around the mess and difficulty that is typically associated with crafting.