20 Essentials Every Working Mom Needs

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The title of "working mom" could be applied to any mother -- as we all know, raising children is a full-time job in itself. For those who also work outside the home, the tug of war between mommyhood and a 9-to-5 job can be downright exhausting.

If you want to succeed in everything you do, it's important you have the working mom's survival kit. Here are 20 (tangible and intangible) essentials that every woman needs.


1. Sustenance - if you're still breastfeeding, been up since dawn, working late or maybe all three, you're going to need energy. Find a place in your office (a drawer, basket, shelf in a storage closet) to store some instant energy. Stock up on granola bars, bottled water, canned soup and instant coffee to keep you going throughout the day. Having a back-up is also great for those times when you forget to pack your lunch.


2. A calendar or organizer - whether it's electronic or the good old paper kind, you need to keep an organizer. With so many obligations, it can be easy to let a meeting or ballet recital slip by. Be extra-efficient by syncing calendars with your husband or partner and setting lots of reminders and alarms.

3. Support groups - having a strong emotional support system empathetic to your needs and struggles is essential for a working mom. There are many online and in-person working mom support/networking groups that can keep you happy and feeling balanced.