Natural Remedies for Colds and Stomachaches

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When your child is sick, you just want to help him feel better as quickly as possible. But did you know that your first line of defense might be waiting in your pantry or cupboard, instead of in the medicine cabinet? Home remedies have been successful in treating common bugs like colds and stomachaches for ages, and you can put them to work next time your child isn't feeling well. When your child is suffering from a common virus like the stomach flu or a cold, there really isn't much a doctor can give him to "cure" your child. Viruses just have to work their way through the child's system, and the best way of dealing with illness is to offer comfort and fever reduction - if there is a fever. Pediatricians recommend holding off on the doctor visit until the illness - if it is mild - has a chance to run its course, usually three to five days. If there is no improvement after the first 48-72 hours after symptoms start or the child runs a very high fever, then it's time to see the doctor.