Summer Grill Safety
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There's no denying that grilling is thrilling. With summer upon us, 'tis the season to get your grill on. From pool parties to barbecues, it's just not a summer celebration without a grill. Before you light up your grill - keep this in mind.... Read More
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Hidden Sugars: Where to Look
Do you know how much sugar you consume daily? Obviously, there are candies and baked goods, alcohol and sodas. But do you know the other names that sugar goes by? Listed below are a few of the more...
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Growth Hormone-Containing Food: What You Need to Know
By now, you have probably encountered the debate over growth hormones in food on the news, so as a concerned health-minded consumer, what do you really need to know? If you eat beef or drink cow's milk,...
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Eating Fast Foods the Healthy Way
As a parent, you have a strong influence over how much fast food your child eats. Find out how to set some guidelines to follow when eating out that will teach them how to make healthy choices as adults.
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