Hair Removal Options

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Let's face it, girls. When it comes to our legs, underarms and bikini lines, the hairy look is out. While it may be a preference for some, those of us who opt for smooth legs and baby soft underarms may try our darndest but can never completely get rid of hair. Some of us may even have trouble with traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving.

Luckily, there are alternatives. For large areas like the base of your hairline or along your legs, some women opt for permanent or semi-permanent solutions, such as laser hair removal. And for those fine (yet noticeable) upper lip, brow and chin hairs there's always the monthly trip to the salon for a good grin-and-bear-it waxing session.

When considering hair removal options, think about the part of the body you want silky smooth then plan accordingly. Not every hair removal option works best for every type of body. You wouldn't want electrolysis done on each of your leg hair follicles one by one, would you? While it may prevent the nuisance of shaving every other day, it would be a traumatizing ordeal.

Take a look at our guide, which gives you a step by step glimpse into some common hair removal options and the best option for you, depending on what hair you want to remove.