Eat To Live, Don't Live To Eat

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It's no big mystery why more than a third of the U.S. population is overweight. We've made food the center of our universe. From weddings to funerals to holidays, it seems like almost every milestone event in our lives revolves around food. The amount of energy spent on the what, when, why and how of what goes in our mouths is mindboggling. When it comes to celebrating important happenings in our lives, it seems like we always do it with our mouths and our bellies full. The end result is a society of overweight, overfed individuals. So maybe it's time to change your relationship with food. Instead of looking at food as a reward, see it for what it is - fuel for your body. Of course, many people view food as entertainment. Did you get a big promotion at work? Forget a five-course meal loaded with fat and calories. Why not celebrate with a mani/pedi or even a massage? Eager to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Eliminate the traditional dinner out and catch a movie and a concert instead. Find gratification through other sources. Restock your iPod with a batch of new songs.