Family Wellness: Don't Mention It!

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If you've been trying to get your family to adopt healthier habits, whether it's eating better or moving more, then stop nagging. Trying a more positive approach could benefit everyone more. And being sneaky about it doesn't hurt, either. If you're not comfortable even broaching the subject of weight loss or health with your children or spouse, then just don't mention it. You can help them adopt those healthy habits without them even noticing in most cases. Because they're usually the family manager - the one who does the food shopping, cooks the food, packs lunches, decides on family activities, etc. - moms are the ones who can make small, healthful changes in the family's lifestyle.

Here are a few ways to make healthy living easy. Use positive language at all times and don't nag, even when a family member has a setback. Remove temptation: replace junk food with healthful snacks. If throwing away every chip bag and soda bottle will throw the family into an uproar, then do it slowly, replacing them with pretzels, baked chips and flavored water. Keep fruit around at all times, cut up and ready for snacking. Include these healthy snacks in briefcases and lunchboxes.