Have a Seat for a Great Workout

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Short on cash and wanting to do a workout at home? No time to hit the gym? No problem. You can be the chair-man of your own fitness program by simply having a seat. Find a sturdy, four-legged chair, and you can complete many muscle-toning moves without leaving the house. A chair workout can give you a full-body workout in about a half hour - you just have to get creative and push away from the table! Arms, quads, glutes and calves can benefit from exercises performed with just a chair.

Start with the upper body and walk "the plank." Place both balls of the feet on the seat and extend your body in front of the chair so that the body forms a flat surface. Hold the position for at least one minute, engaging the core and keeping arms tight. Add push-ups in this position, lowering to the ground and straightening elbows back up, to get a chest workout. Tricep dips are a challenging way to firm up arms using the chair. Place palms, with fingers facing forward, on the edge of the chair and lower the body down.