7 Reasons To Fall For Hiking

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3. Hiking touches the high-tech world. Some of the most sophisticated knowledge of footwear mechanics in the world is at play within this sport. Hikers maintain constant demand for lighter weight footwear that simultaneously offers sufficient support on the uneven surfaces of trails. The changing conditions on trails demand fabrics that protect against moisture and reduce sweating yet hold in heat under the cold conditions that this all-season sport is practiced in. The result is a tendency to borrow from military fabrics tested on foot soldiers serving in extreme conditions over the globe.

4. Hiking is a sport touching the inner world through eloquent literature. The American hiker's chief literary companion, Henry David Thoreau, is regarded as a true master of the prose sentence and acknowledged as one of a handful of inarguably great American authors.

5. Hiking is a relationship sport. The hypnotic effect of placing those two feet down in rhythm enhances prostate health by increasing blood flow. Research proves that walking enhances sexual fantasy as well. Man is a creature built to walk and run and did so throughout thousands of years as he chased down game on foot, long before the automobile and office largely removed foot work from his life.