Fat-Burning Secrets for Cardio Workouts

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In addition to talking longer strides, try to avoid holding on to the rails of the treadmill. Let your arms move back and forth as you would when running. You will be surprised of the difference of not holding on to the exercise equipment if you are already use to holding on to the treadmill, stair stepper or any other exercise equipment while performing the exercise.

Try it for just one workout -- you will feel the difference in a matter of minutes. Note: If you feel you must hold on to avoid falling or getting hurt, then by all means, hold on.

Take deep breaths in through the nose and out of the mouth when doing cardio. You may focus more on the activity at hand when you concentrate on your breathing.

Tying it all together
If you're going to add cardio, then maximize the workout's benefits. Slow your pace to maximize fat-burning benefits. Increase cardio workouts over a longer duration, using full range of motion on the equipment and breathing correctly.

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