Flower Power: 8 Minutes, 6 Exercises, 1 Great Body

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By Kim Droze, MyDailyMoment.com Managing Editor 

For many women (and men), time isn't on their sides.

At least to hear them tell it. A Normal Barinteractive survey took a look at why people do not exercise on a regular basis. More than 30 percent of the 22,000 people questioned identified a lack of time as the culprit keeping them from getting physically fit.

It's an excuse that resonates with Pilates instructor and personal trainer Estelle Shaw. The mother of two often finds herself juggling so many personal and professional obligations that she is lucky to find the time to brush her teeth. Ironically, that's exactly what she was doing when she was inspired to create the Fitness Flower, a fitness regimen designed to fit your life. It's a series of simple exercises that are actually done WHILE you're brushing your teeth, moisturizing your skin, brushing your hair and completing the rest of your nightly routine.

Shaw recalls feeling as overwhelmed as her clients after the birth of her first child back in 2008. Even she struggled to find the time to sneak in a workout.