Protect Yourself from Workout Injuries

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Use Proper Sequencing


When training with weights, always perform large muscle group exercises prior to performing those that work the smaller muscles. For example, on an overhead press, the deltoids are the primary muscle group. The triceps, one of the weakest muscle groups in the body, assist the movement. If you perform a triceps dip prior to the overhead press, you've fatigued the assisting muscle group, which will require the deltoids to engage other muscle groups, such as the muscles around the neck. This can result in injury.

Be Temperature Savvy

In hot weather, stay hydrated. If you like exercising outside, avoid the mid-afternoon. This is when the sun shines at its brightest. Be sure to wear sunscreen. Proper footwear is required for all seasons. In the winter, make sure to use devices that will prevent slippage on ice. During cold weather, be sure to dress in layers that can be easily removed after you warm up.