Shake Up Your Cardio Routine

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Another option is to use the Fartlek method. Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning "speed play." Fartlek intervals will be low, moderate and high intensity. The pattern could go something like sprinting for 30 seconds, jogging for three minutes, sprinting again, and walking for two minutes repeatedly. It gives people the chance to get really creative with their routines.

Wear Weights

Adding weight during exercise helps increase muscle strength, plus it drives the body to burn more calories. However, during cardio workouts, carrying dumbbells can be a hassle. Wearing ankle weights increases the risk of knee injury. Moreover, who want their center of gravity to be thrown off that much?

The clear solution: weighted belts and vests. These nifty gadgets boost cardio routines without being burdensome. They also present a lower risk of injury than ankle and wrist weights. Nonetheless, they should be avoided by people who have problems with their back or joints. Those who are able to use weighted belts and vests will reap remarkable results.