The Best Sports Workout

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While the benefits of working out in a gym are plentiful, indoor exercise sometimes leads you down the road to a place called boredom and burnout. When this happens, there's a simple solution: Reverse direction and take it outside!

Participation in outdoor sports can breathe new life into your fitness program. You'll work different muscle groups while enjoying the fresh outdoor air. Instead of waiting online for gym equipment, you can jump right to your game. Sport participation will improve your coordination, balance, agility and reaction times. Since all sports are weight bearing activities, they help maintain the bone density necessary to prevent osteoporosis. Many sports offer the opportunity to improve hand/eye coordination.

As if this was not enough, outdoor sports help your body absorb vitamin D, which is crucial for strong bones and healthy skin cells. While vitamin D is available in many food sources, just think: Your body can actually get the amount in needs with a small amount of sun exposure. It's a no-calorie solution.