Workout Strategies to Stay Motivated

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Walk quickly. Do not slouch, shuffle, or drag your feet. Not only does this look unappealing, it is bad for your back and doesn't burn nearly as much calories as a proper march. Stand up straight; take slightly longer strides than normal; and look where you are going, not at the ground. You may be surprised at how much this burns your calves and thighs at first, but walking actually does involve exertion if you do it properly. After a few days you will not feel as much because you already will be in significantly better shape.

Get into the habit of clenching your belly muscles every time you go through doorways. This yields absolutely mind-blowing results. Doing this, say, one hundred times a day every day forms abs over an astonishingly short time.

If you have little children, think twice before turning down a game of tag or soccer. This gives you an easy aerobic activity with absolutely no peer pressure. Children are always excited when a grown-up will agree to play with them and you will find yourself caught up in their enthusiasm.

Working out doesn't have to be work. It can be funor at least tolerable. If you can maintain a constant exercise, not only will you be healthier, you will feel relaxed and better about yourself. And we could all use that feeling, couldn't we?