10 Scrumptious and Healthy Snacks

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4. Sugar-Free Dole Popsicles
Unsweetened and with made 100% fruit juice, Dole's Sugar-Free Popsicles are a perfect treat. They're healthy, kid-friendly, and only 15 calories per Popsicle. There is no better snack on a muggy day.

5. Copper Pot Hummus
Pita chips and vegetable are both incredible dipped in Copper Pot hummus. This hummus doesn't have a potent garlic smell like many others; its flavor is light and nutty. Not only is it high in protein and fiber, but it can be bought either pre-packaged or homemade.

6. Seapoint Farms Edamame
These organic shelled soybeans have every amino acid building block and their natural isoflavones provide an antioxidant boost. Some versions come dry roasted and others come frozen. For children, one kind is even decorated with cartoons.

7. Flat Earth Crisps
Flat Earth has created a variety of chips, each made with half a serving of fruit or vegetables in every ounce. Who knew that cheddar flavored chips could be made with pumpkin? Flavors like apple cinnamon grove and tangy tomato ranch are irresistible. Chips lovers, rejoice!