Better Butter Up: Five Healthy Solutions

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A structurally sound body requires an adequate supply of fat to maintain over all health. Not ensuring this vital nutrient is included in your body's composition is like constructing a new house without insulation, proper wiring and a solid foundation. As both are major investments, careful consideration should be given to the quality of the materials used in building each.

You wouldn't cut corners by using inferior, discounted lumber to create the framework of your dream house, so why would you use unhealthy saturated, hydrogenated or trans fats to nourish your one and only body.

We have long used these fats, which can be found in products like butter, margarine and oil, for cooking and baking. Over the years they grew in popularity due to their convenience, ability to extend the shelf life of food, and low cost, but we have been paying the price with our health. In recent years we have come to learn about the risks that accompany their use. The risk of developing cancer or diabetes is increased with the consumption of such fats.