Strategies for Eating Healthy at Parties

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While you're at the party, position yourself away from the buffet or food choices. How many times have you found yourself reaching for the chip bowl just because it's there? You grab a handful of chips while talking with friends and before you know it, the whole bowl is empty. The further away from the food you are, the less likely you'll be snatching up those calorie rich foods.

When the deserts start calling your name, make smart choices. You might think you'll satisfy yourself with a few pieces of candy, only to find yourself pigging out on the cake later. If your brain keeps begging for cake, go ahead and have a small piece or split a regular size piece with a friend. Don't think you can fool your body into accepting three apple slices when all it really wants is that ooey gooey chocolate cake.

The best way you can control yourself at a party is to bring along a dish of your own creation. This is especially helpful if you're not sure what food your hosts will be serving. Whip up one of your favorite low fat recipes and take it along. Not only will your host be happy for the help, but you're ensured of having at least one thing you love that's good for you.