Nighttime Heartburn Help

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By Juana Cruz

Nighttime heartburn can happen, since you are in an inclined position, and gravity can pull your food contents to the esophagus. When this happens, the patient will experience a burning sensation in the chest, throat and mouth. So, for some heartburn help, follow these tips:

1. Eat small meals
If you eat too much, break it down into a few, small meals spread throughout the day. Being full can add more pressure to the stomach and weaken the lower esophagus muscle.

2. Don't lie down after eating.
You should wait for two hours or more after dinner to go to sleep. An inclined position can cause the stomach contents to slide to the esophagus, so wait for your food to settle in first.

3. Use an acid reflux pillow.
An acid reflux pillow helps to elevate your head and torso when you sleep, to make sure that the stomach contents stay in your stomach and not reach your esophagus at night.