100-Calorie Snack Packs

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There are a lot of healthy snacks out there in the 100-calorie neighborhood that will satisfy hunger better than the 100-calorie snack portions. Fruit, nuts, peanut butter and cheese, are great for curbing hunger while providing essential nutrients that your body needs. These snacks are not nearly as processed, and therefore much better for your body and diet.

There are some benefits of these snack packages. They do offer convenience. They are quick, portable and require very little effort when counting calories. They can be a great way to control the portions of junk food that you children eat, as many kids will not be content with being given the option of an apple instead of a snack cake. The snack packs are not inherently evil. They should, like anything else, be used in moderation with a balanced diet.

Is the 100-calorie snack pack the best option out there? The answer in real terms is no. It is more expensive, and is in no way healthier for you than their bigger counterparts. However, they can be used to help monitor your daily caloric intake. If not over-eaten, they can be another tool that you use in your diet, just don't make them your only snack. There is no substitute for vitamins and mineral found in healthy fruits and vegetables.