Should You Make A Sex Tape?

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If you are usually the shy or modest type, a sex tape can help you come out of your shell. Who doesn't want to be an actress? Although this isn't a big-time Hollywood film, pretending to be a porn star for a few minutes can give your self-esteem that added boost.

Plus, if your body isn't perfect (and whose is?), filming a sex tape can give you extra confidence. Plus, it shows that your partner isn't ashamed of you and loves you no matter what, which is incredibly sexy.

Why You Should Not Make a Sex Tape

Yeah, you've heard about Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and other celebrities who made sex tapes that have been sold and make public. This may make you hesitant to make a sex tape, and who can blame you? The thought of your sex tape being in the wrong hands and made public for all your friends, family and neighbors to see can be very unsexy.

Nothing would kill the mood faster. But there is a solution to this in one word: erase. When you and you partner are done viewing the tape, erase it. There's no need to keep the sex tape with all the other videos in your collection. You don't need to keep it for posterity. Some couples erase their sex tapes within hours of making them. If you want to hold on to yours for a little longer, keep it under lock and key in a safe.