The Best Online Jobs You Don't Know About

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Call center representatives are becoming popular virtual jobs as well. Rather than sitting in a cubicle in a big call center, you can answer calls and provide customer service from the comfort of your home. This may not be the best online job for those with young children, however, because the job requires a quiet area. 

Virtual assistants are also gaining popularity. Businesses are interested in hiring people to fill these positions because it saves them money on hiring in-house staff. The title is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of tasks that can be done from a remote location. 

Education and Coaching Jobs 

As the face of education changes and moves toward a more virtual experience, the popularity of online classes is growing, both through the home-schooled K-12 grades, as well as at the college level. These online teaching jobs are in high demand. A degree may be necessary to get started, however, especially for teaching at the collegiate level. 

Other educational and coaching jobs include: 

  • life coach;
  • financial coach; or
  • fitness coach. 

Freelance Writing 

While the print industry, including newspapers and magazines, is on the decline, more people are getting their information from online articles, which is where big business comes in. Beginners can start by earning revenue shares based on ads on a personal blog. More experienced writers can branch out to write for online newspapers or write website content for clients.