Make Food Shopping a Family Affair

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Before You Go

A successful shopping trip begins before you even leave the house. If you know what you actually need in the store, you can strategize your shopping trip and get it done quickly and efficiently.

Shopping lists rule! You can write your shopping list by hand the old fashioned way, or you can take advantage of the websites or software that allow you to create and print a customized shopping list. Some of these programs let you make your list aisle by aisle, so you don't have to walk around the store all day.

If you use coupons, make sure they're in order. Check your coupons to ensure that they're all up to date and put them in a coupon case or other container that will keep them from fluttering across the store when you take them out.

You'll want to keep the kids happy during the trip, so bring along some entertainment. That doesn't mean you pack a bag full of toys, as that would be inconvenient when you already have so much to carry. You can bring a favorite toy for younger kids, but snacks work better and last longer to keep them from getting restless. Snacks like mini-crackers, fruit snacks, and other simple treats that will fit in small plastic bags are perfect.