Healthy Skin Care - Things You Need to Know

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So, what precisely constitutes healthy skin care?

Any healthy skin care must cause the least unwanted side effects; better if none at all. Many commonly available skin care products in the market are reported to cause minor irritations, worsen the skin condition and, sometimes, cause many other diseases. A study conducted by the European Agency for Research on Cancer reported that a little more than one-half of the leading brands of skin care products tested were found to contain at least one cancer-causing chemical. Compounds, such as dioxanne, mineral oil, petroleum, fragrances, alcohol and many other chemicals, continue to be used even by leaders in the cosmetics industry.

Skin care products that supposedly promote healthy skin should treat varying skin conditions effectively. Numerous skin care products sometimes provide palliative measures only. Yes, you may instantly see the desired results. However, you need to repeat the regimen many times in order to maintain the same effect. In the end, you are likely to spend more money buying the same product countless times.

A healthy skin care product must be made only of natural ingredients. Avoid those that are heavily dependent on synthetic substances. They only do more harm than any good to your skin. The natural process of aging sets into motion many bodily changes hugely linked to your skin condition. The body may no longer be able to regenerate damaged and dying cells as fast as it has been when you are much younger.