Hot! Hot! Hot! Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies

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Is it hot in here or is it just them? From long and lean to perfectly proportioned curves, these 10 famous ladies demonstrate that hot celebrity bikini bodies come in all shapes and sizes. 

1. Serena Williams 

Game, set, match: Tennis great Serena Williams serves up a hot, toned physique that's built for fun in the sun. While it's hard to choose just one standout feature from her overall athletic build, her washboard abs rank high on the list. 

To get her signature look, Williams, who has worked with fitness companies that include Nike Training Club and others, focuses on core and abdominal work. Some of her go-to tools include the stability ball and resistance bands. Williams credits her hard-as-a-rock core for helping her power through strong sets on the court. The bikini-ready bod? That's just bonus points.