Hot! Hot! Hot! Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies

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10. Kate Moss 

She may be pushing 40, but Kate Moss still knows how to work a camera lens. The veteran supermodel and her hot celebrity bikini body remain a frequent subject of photographs, both candid and posed. Proving she's not afraid to lose the bikini altogether, Moss appeared this summer in an ad campaign for St. Tropez sporting nothing but her birthday suit. 

While Moss initially made a name for herself as the It-Girl waif of the '90s, she now sports a more filled-out – but still perfectly fit – frame. Her favorite way to maintain her figure is via Jivamukti yoga, an active form of moving mediation set to eclectic music. 

These sexy ladies prove that there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hot celebrity bikini bodies. Surf's up – it's time to hit the beach.