Must-Read: What Causes Traction Alopecia Hair Loss

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Who develops traction alopecia? 

Traction alopecia is most common in women and men of African descent. Constant or tight braiding and tight hairstyles can cause traction alopecia in this ethnic group. It's often found in Sikh men and Japanese women, who also tend to wear tight, pulled-back hairstyles. 

Interestingly, traction alopecia develops more in children and young men and women than in older men and women. 


If detected early, traction alopecia can be treated and cured. It's important to catch the symptoms of the condition early in order to stop further damage from incurring. Because it can be confused with other types of hair loss, it's important to know about different types of hair loss, the causes and to inform your doctor about your hair habits. 

The simplest ways to cure early forms of traction alopecia are to loosen hairstyles or to stop chemical treatments that may be contributing to the condition. You often can reverse the signs of traction alopecia by simply curbing its cause -- tight hairstyles, cornrows, or chemical wear and tear. Many patients are unaware that the cure, with an early form and early detection, is simple and direct: Just stop the tension on your hair.