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Nexxus SleekTress Sumptuous Smoothing Shampoo ($10) helps keep your locks under control with its silk protein and avocado oil formula. You'll get hooked on this professional-style formula that requires no trips to the salon.

If you love your curls but not the frizz, you want products that can give you a head of healthy, defined curls. Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Shampoo ($13) is competing with the big dogs of curly hair care. Don't think a bargain brand like Suave can yield great results? Think again. This product has been proven in salons to perform as well as Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo, one of the highest-rated salon formulas today, and it's less than half the price.

African-American women have hair products targeted for their hair type, and mainstream hair care products are for the most part formulated for Caucasian hair. If you're mixed race, you may find yourself with a head of uniquely textured hair and a dilemma regarding which hair products to use. Mixed Chicks Gentle Clarifying Shampoo (11.95) contains borage seed, avocado oil and panthenol to heal, tame, and define your curly locks.