Burn 100 Calories! Here's How

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Dance! Turn up the volume and dance around the house for 20-30 minutes to get your metabolism into high gear and zap away a quick 100 calories.

Walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Turn on your favorite music or the television and walk at a steady pace for half an hour; this moderate activity will increase circulation, elevate your metabolism and burn away 100 calories in no time. Take a 15-minute, brisk walk outside to get some fresh air and burn another 100 calories.

Enjoy a yoga routine for 20 minutes. Pop in your favorite yoga DVD and complete a stretching session for at least 20 minutes. Your body could use the extra stretching and deep breathing exercises, and you'll easily burn off 100 calories in the process. The benefits of yoga are far-reaching for all ages -- it reduces stress, increases flexibility and strengthens bones, which is important as we age.

Lift light weights for 35 minutes. Pick up a pair of dumbbells and move around the house doing simple exercises such as bicep curls, triceps curls and the overhead press. Keep it up for at least 35 minutes to burn away 100 calories. If you don't have dumbbells, use soup cans. You can fashion your own home workout with a little creativity!