Great Walking Workouts

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Treadmill Workouts to Increase Stamina

Another great way to vary your walking routine is to walk on a treadmill. Because you can adjust the speed and elevation of your treadmill, you can change up your routine within seconds. Try a pre-programmed walking circuit that incorporates hills or even a few minutes of speed walking into the routine to give your metabolism a boost and get that heart rate pumping.

Speed Walking with Weights

Adding weights to your workout turns walking into a resistance-bearing workout, which means you can challenge core muscle groups and burn extra calories in the process. Speed walking helps elevate your heart rate to new heights, and the extra weights will make your muscles work harder. Slowly add ankle weights or carry a pair of dumbbells on your next walking routine to enjoy the extra benefits.

Sculpting and Toning While Walking

Add deep lunges and stepping to your walking routine to really take things up a notch. Sculpting exercises such as lunges, long steps and stretching can help increase the number of calories burned and challenge several muscle groups. Doing lunges with light weights will also give you a chance to improve your balance and coordination while building your upper body strength.