Setting Realistic Workout Goals

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Those who work out for their health stick to their plans in the long-run. Working out to them isn't merely a fad to make yourself look good in social situations, but has a higher purpose. When you feel better, your outlook on life changes and you will be more satisfied.

How do you get there? There is no magic pill or short-cut to achieve your workout goals. You must start off small or otherwise risk failure. If you do too much to start, you won't feel good and will risk injury. This is enough to turn anyone off from working out. Instead, take small steps towards your goal and be proud of your accomplishments! Walking for ten minutes for someone unaccustomed to exercise is an achievement. Just keep walking further and longer each time.

Another reason people fail is because they get bored with their work-outs. Make sure you mix your routine up with different types of exercise and try something new once in a while. For example, if you normally run, try a Pilates routine. Doing something out of the ordinary is also beneficial for your muscles, challenging them in different ways.

Write down your workouts into your planner, just as you would any other appointment. This way, you will hold yourself more accountable. Also make sure to give yourself a day of rest, so you won't get burned out. Occasionally evaluate how you are doing and where you would like to tweak your routine. Do you need to increase the length or intensity? Do you want to try something new? By achieving smaller goals first, you are more likely to achieve even greater ones.