Eating Healthy is All Greek to Dieters

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Fortunately there are many other delicious choices to select from. A broiled lamb chop is very high in protein and under 200 calories. Souvlaki (lamb kababs), spit-roasted chicken (minus the skin), garlicky shrimp or any broiled fish would be a good choice. What about the perennial favorite, the gyro sandwich? It's a caloric nightmare, clocking in at close to 700 calories. It's not the pita or the tomatoes or onion that do the damage. The tzaziki sauce (yogurt or sour cream with garlic and cucumber) isn't too bad in moderation. It's the gyro meat, which is frighteningly high in fat content. If you're craving one and nothing else will do, either order a child's portion, or order the adult sandwich and eat only half. There's nothing for dessert that's safe on a Greek menu. Baklava, kaitife, galaktobouriko and loukomades are delicious and all are either drenched in syrup or honey, made from phyllo dough, deep fried, brimming with nuts and/or all the things that are oh-so-bad for you.

In any case, who has room for dessert after eating a delicious Greek meal?