Fitting in Fruits and Veggies

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Try recipes that "sneak" hidden fruits and vegetables into meals. You know those cookbooks that teach parents how to incorporate sweet potato or spinach puree into their children's meals? They're not just for kids. If cauliflower-infused macaroni and cheese or beet brownies help picky young eaters get enough of their daily allowance, then they can help you, too.

Have a vegetable-based soup with your lunchtime sandwich instead of chips. Soup provides one of the tastiest ways to eat your veggies, and the varieties available are endless, so you're sure to find a favorite that provides you with a full serving.

An 8-ounce glass of vegetable or fruit juice counts as a serving. Just be sure to check the label to make sure it contains 100 percent juice, rather than a small percentage added to high fructose corn syrup and water. V8's V-Fusion beverages contain nothing but juice and fruit and vegetable products with no added sweeteners. Or consider buying a good quality juicer, and have fun creating your own tasty combinations.

Eat a fruity dessert. Traditional pies are high in calories and fat, but fruit tarts and cobblers provide the same taste for fewer calories. For simpler desserts, make your own chunky applesauce; try grilled fruit kabobs made of sliced pineapple and bananas; or drizzle cut figs with honey and crumbled Gorgonzola cheese.