Fitting in Fruits and Veggies

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Food manufacturers are jumping on the healthy snack bandwagon by incorporating real fruit and vegetables into their products, so keep an eye out for them when you go grocery shopping. Some breakfast cereals contain dehydrated fruit such as bananas and strawberries, and Frito-Lay's Flat Earth product line of snack chips provide a half serving of produce in every ounce.

Pick your own fruit when it's in season. Not only is apple, strawberry or blueberry picking a fun activity (especially with kids), but you'll also be more motivated to use up the fruit right away.

Try a fruit or vegetable you've never tasted before, and you may discover it's something you can't get enough of. Pomegranates and figs usually come into season in the fall, and unusual tropical fruits start appearing in your supermarket in the winter.

Buying fresh produce when it's in season -- such as squash during the autumn months -- means you'll enjoy them when they're at their tastiest.

The key is to get so used to eating fruits and vegetables as part of a daily diet that you couldn't imagine meals without them. You'll thank your mom -- and your body will thank you!