The Magic Bullet

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Is it worth the money?

If you are going to use your machine regularly to prepare meals, then definitely, yes. If it is going to be just another gadget shoved to the back of a cupboard then, no. Are you someone who regularly cooks from scratch? Do you drink smoothies, shakes or cocktails? Then this is for you. Otherwise, think before you buy!

There are many rave reviews for this product on the Internet, but also some detractors. The tips below might help to answer some of the problems encountered.

Tips for using the Magic Bullet.

On first use, you might notice a burning smell, this is normal in new electrical products as the factory coatings are burned off.

It is important to read the manual carefully before using the Magic Bullet. Some users have complained that the food gets stuck and doesn't process properly. The manual explains that you have to tap the container occasionally to keep the food moving. This, or the occasional shake, should solve the problem.

Use a rubber spatula to remove the food as metal spoons and forks could damage the plastic.

An easy way to clean the bullet is to rinse out the large particles, then fill 1/3 with water, add a little detergent, screw the blade lid on, pulse a couple of times and then rinse with clean water.

If dishwashing the bullet, it is important that it is only put the on the top shelf of the dishwasher, as the water may be too hot lower down and the parts may warp.