7 Days of Great Sex: How to Make it Happen

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Agree on it, Schedule It, and Make it a Point to Switch Roles

If you're going to meet the 7-day challenge, you both have to be on board and be ready to commit to it. There may be a day when one of you is tired or has other plans, so in order to make it happen all 7 days, you each need to hold each other accountable.

Have a frank discussion about the current state of your sex life, and impress upon your man that you think 7 days of sex could really help your sex life in the long-run. He'll probably find the idea of sex every night really hot, so we doubt he'll turn the down the challenge.

Scheduling sex doesn't sound very sexy does it? Don't worry; we're not saying schedule every sex session for the entire week - just on the days you know you'll be busy. Sit down and look at your week's commitments: work, social engagements, gym time, etc.

If either of you has a day on which you know you'll be super strapped for time, schedule a time when you can fit sex in. It may be in the morning, right after you wake up, or maybe while the spaghetti noodles are boiling just before dinner time. Either way, scheduling a time period that works for both of you on busy days will help you avoid skipping a session.